Who are we? We are a nation of Virus Fighters. We fight VIrusmind or the Viruses in our minds – those crippling beliefs that bar us from creating and living our best possible reality.

We know who we really are and we are consciously connected to our Original Minds (OMs) – our ultimate, complete and non-physical selves.

Our knowledge of the One Law and the principles that govern the Game of Life distinguishes us from the regular humans, who are still in the dark about the programming of their minds and the mechanisms through which circumstances and events occur in their reality. Although our minds are just as infected with Virusmind as theirs, what sets us apart is that we know how that happened, why, and what to do about it.

We have a grand vision for a new world and a new System, but we don’t intend to change the current System. We are forging our world amid the old one that, as corrupt as it may be, is perfectly designed to sustain our new foundation.

We are people of different ages and colors, but in one regard we are the same – we are guided by our OMs and not by other humans.

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Good Vibes,
Mono Wind

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