less thinking more feeling

Where is your focus?

Less thinking, more feeling!

Well…feelings are the result of thoughts, right? Sure. So find a thought that feels good and stay with it. Remember the reason you are doing what you are doing—that core reason, the love for…the thing? Yeah, find that thought, get the feeling, and let it be enough.

No strategy of reality creation is more effective than focusing on the very reason you want to achieve what you want to achieve. But the reason is always a feeling, not a set of circumstances. You may think that the circumstances will evoke the feeling, but if you can’t feel it already, it won’t.

Feel it now, and let the Law of Attraction show you the right direction of focus and action in response to the love in your heart. Imbue your vibe with it, radiate it, release it.

Give your brain a rest.

Mono Wind

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