War Against Virusmind is a game within the Game (of Life). It is played in one’s own mind and reality. The players of W.A.V. are called Virus Fighters. They fight for the liberation of their minds from the beliefs that create unwanted experiences, namely, the mind Viruses.

All beliefs that constitute the human belief system are made of thoughts and concepts. In the game W.A.V., the thoughts and concepts are personified. The Virus Fighters meet them in the Land of Thoughts and Concepts—a realm within the Universal Mind which they access through their imagination.

The Land of Thoughts and Concepts is divided in two kingdoms. The first one is the Original Kingdom (OK) where all the Original Concepts and their relatives live. The second one is Virusland (VL), home of the Virus Concepts that go by the collective name Virusmind.

Virusland is a mirror image of the Original Kingdom. The two kingdoms are rivals. They are at war, fighting for dominion over the human mind.

Both kingdoms are governed by their Royal Families: The Original Royal Family and the Virus Royal Family. They represent respectively the Four Fundamental Original Concepts (the Ultimate Truth) and the Four Fundamental Virus Concepts (the Great Lie).


The Four Fundamental

Original Concepts

(life/eternity/infinite time)

(free will/absolute power of choice of thoughts and experiences)

The Law
(of Creation/Attraction/the One Law)

(happiness/best emotion/reason for existence)


The Royal Original Family is comprised of King Life, Queen Freedom, Prince Order, and Princess Love.

   King Life guards the concept of existence or life. He is also called King Eternity because life is eternal.

   Queen Freedom embodies the concept of free will or the ability of a conscious mind, a self, an Identity to control its focus, to choose its thoughts independently of any other self. This concept is also known as absolute freedom.

   Prince Order is the guardian of the Law of Creation, widely known as the Law of Attraction which we call simply the Law. That principle assures that creation happens in a specific order—from thought to experience, and in one direction— a mind can only attract thoughts and reality matching its vibration; it can never repel them.

   Princess Love is the keeper of the highest-vibrational emotion—joy or happiness. She is the purest manifestation of the other three concepts combined. She is in love with the Game of Life of which absolute freedom and the Law of Creation are the two main parameters.


The Four Fundamental

Virus Concepts

(lack/absence/end of life and resources)

(lack of power to choose one’s thoughts and experiences)

(chance/accident/lack of an organizing principle of Creation/the Law/)

(unhappiness/the worst emotion/lack of desire to live)


The members of the Royal Virus Family are King Death, Queen Victim, Prince Chaos, and Princess Hate. They represent the idea of lack or absence of the Original Concepts.

   King Death represents the concept of lack of life/existence, but since non-existence isn’t possible because you have to exist to deny anything, including life itself, the Virus King’s actual concept is end of life and all things pertaining to it.

   Queen Victim represents the idea that the mind is entirely controlled by the external reality and that the Identity is not free to choose its thoughts because its nature is reactionary.

   Prince Chaos denies the existence of an all-prevailing principle that organizes the process of reality creation. He claims that everything happens by chance, that Creation is an accident. The universe, according to him, is a place of chaos where every circumstance and event is a random occurrence, impossible to predict and control.

   Princess Hate asserts that because of the concepts the other members of her family represent, the universe is a horrible place, full of suffering and pain. She is afraid of life and that is the main reason she hates it, and she claims that unhappiness or fear is the most realistic emotion anyone could experience, and therefore it is the sovereign universal emotion.


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