W.A.V. Book One Chapter Six

The Last Door

The last few pages of Chapter Six of Book One: Rules of the Game: The Last Door.

Mono was quite frustrated, but a little flame of amusement was flickering inside her at the same time. She knew all this was happening in her imagination, and even though the realness of it was impressive, she wasn’t ready to leave yet. Curiosity overshadowed the fear and discomfort. How was this performance going to end? At this point, she wanted them to kill her. 

Mono: Your Majesty, I succumb to your judgment. I have one last wish, though. Can I, please, ask the Princess a question? 

Prince Chaos was now standing behind the two thrones with his arms folded in front of his chest. 

Prince Chaos: Only one! 

Mono thought very carefully for a while—she knew what she wanted to ask the Virus Princess, but she hadn’t formulated it as a single question. 

Mono: All right, I got it. Princess… 

Princess Hate: Hate! My name is Princess Hate! 

Mono: Princess Hate, if I can ask you only one question, then it is this: WHY?! 

Princess Hate: Why what?

Mono: Why are you so sad? 

Princess Hate: Look around you! Look at this castle, the graveyard that our kingdom is, the dead trees and animals, the foul smells… This is the reality we live in, and I have no other choice but to be in it. I am always dying, as my father decrees, I am powerless, as my mother proclaims, and I have no means to create a better reality, as my brother affirms. All of this makes me unhappy. This existence is so horrible that I hate it! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it… But I fear that there is nothing I can do to change it, so I cry, and I will cry until the end of time. 

Mono: The end of time? When is the end of time going to come? 

King Death: We will only rest when all of Creation becomes one with the Great Nothingness again, and all this madness you call life is over once and for all. But you were allowed only one question. 

After the Virus King said that, he got up from his throne and stepped down from the platform. He walked slowly towards Mono and stopped in front of her. Then, he extended his hand and opened his palm. In it, there was a key. Mono took it from his hand and looked at him questioningly. The King turned around and pointed to a small door in the wall behind the thrones. 

King Death: That there is the door that leads to non-existence. If you have come all the way to this hall, you can only leave the castle through that door. 

Mono looked back, and to her great surprise, the gates she had come through had vanished. She was surrounded only by walls, and the small door the King was still pointing to was the only available exit.

King Death: Go, child, and be free from the toil of existence! 151 

Mono wasn’t afraid anymore. In fact, she was thrilled because she knew that this was the end of an important journey. She walked to the little door, shoved the key into the keyhole and turned it. At the moment the door opened, a blinding white light shone through, flooded the throne hall, and obliterated the castle along with the royal Virus family and their entire kingdom. She was now swimming in this light which was simply her OM’s essence. She was floating in an ocean of warmth and…music. Hundreds of invisible angels were singing, and their voices enveloped her like a baby cradled by her mother. 

I am one with my Original Mind

When I die I will have won all the fights

Every journey ends back in my Home

The last door leads into the Kingdom of OM 

One More Time

Mono opened her eyes in her 3D world and stretched for a few minutes. She felt renewed. The tectonic plates in her mind had shifted. A rigid portion of her belief system had broken into pieces that were now floating around, looking for a way out of her head and reality. She got up and walked to the kitchen, all the while singing and whistling the catchy tune still echoing inside her head. She decided to prepare her favorite Italian pasta for lunch and do her best not to worry about her future. That turned out to be an exhausting ordeal. Thoughts like “What am I going to do?”“I’m screwed!”“I have no options, no direction, no ideas!” were inundating her inner space, and she tried to chase them out by objecting angrily, “No! I’ll figure something out! I’ll trust my OM—all this is happening for a reason!” 

Her own arguments confused her because they attracted more counterarguments and seemingly logical justifications. There was a voice inside her that insisted that she should drop everything and start pacing, pulling her hair, biting her nails, and frantically analyzing all possible strategies for salvation because her total demise was apparently imminent. But in response to it, she did her best to fake confidence and authority, replying, “I won’t think about that now. If I pay attention to my fears, I’ll attract the manifestation of them!” 

“What do you mean, you’ll attract their manifestation!? You have no idea what you are talking about! You have already attracted it. Now you have to deal with your miserable reality. Some Creator you are!” the voice continued to hammer her with its annoyingly undeniable logic. 

“I don’t know, I’ll figure something out. All I know is that I can’t fix anything by worrying. All I know is that I mustn’t panic, no matter what is happening,” she replied over and over again. 

The conversation in her head went back and forth like that for the entire time she was cooking. When the meal was ready, she placed her plate on the table in front of the couch, sat down, and realized her appetite was gone. All she wanted was for this unbearable fight in her mind to be over, but how? Right then, she remembered what her OM had said about taking sides. She had been trying to prove that her side was right so the other side would declare defeat and admit its perspective was faulty. But the argument went on and on because “the other side” made such good points. 

“I need a third perspective,” Mono whispered to herself while taking the plate in her hands. She took a bite and started chewing slowly with her eyes closed. Mmm…it was delicious! All of a sudden, she heard a pleasant woman’s voice talking softly in her ear. 

Princess Love: That’s right, focus on the taste. Lovely, isn’t it? Oh, forget about those things… Forget about thinking altogether—just taste! Feel that taste and let it permeate your mind, your body, your entire being. 

Mono didn’t know if she followed the sweet voice’s instructions because focusing on the taste felt too good or because the voice was too enticing. She didn’t dare open her eyes because she didn’t want the mystery woman to go away. Different thoughts were trying to distract her, but she dropped them as soon as they presented themselves and turned her attention back onto the taste. She had to do that over and over again. It was like riding a bike in a strong wind that was constantly changing direction, but she managed to stay on top of it and push through. A few minutes later, with her eyes closed, she saw herself sitting at a very long table in a grand hall lit up by dozens of lavish candle chandeliers. The beautiful young woman whose voice Mono enjoyed so much was seated across from her. The table stretched for at least a hundred meters in both directions, and it was covered with food. 

Princess Love: Look around! All these meals are opportunities to experience one of the countless pleasures of life. You don’t need to think about your troubles. 

Mono: It’s easy for you to say. You live in this beautiful castle, and you don’t have to pay rent… 

Princess Love: Pay rent? Another joyful opportunity to experience life, isn’t it? 

Mono: Yeah, right… 

Princess Love: Shhhh, you don’t want to find yourself dining with Princess Hate, do you now? 

Mono: Okay, fine, I will not think about paying…anything. I have food now. I’m enjoying it now. 

The smile of Princess Love illuminated her face and radiated out, touching and warming up Mono’s heart. Just looking at that glowing face made Mono fill up with so much energy that she had to suppress an urge to get up and run around like a child. 

Mono: Forgive me, Your Highness, but I don’t believe we have met before. 

Princess Love: My name is Love. Princess Love. 

The Princess stood up and bowed her head. Mono jumped to her feet and bowed back. Then she waited for the Princess to be seated before she took her seat as well.

Mono: Can you tell me what concept you represent? 

Princess Love: I am the keeper of happiness. 

Mono: I see…But…why are you named Love then? 

Princess Love: Because love and happiness are the same thing. 

Mono: But humans…I believe…we can love other people and things without being happy. 

Princess Love: Really? That isn’t possible. 

Mono: Well, in the Illusion, when a person falls in love with another person, they love them even when they are sad. 

Princess Love: Oh, no, no. That cannot be true. 

Mono: Why? 

Princess Love: Because you cannot be sad and happy at the same moment? 

Mono: But that’s the thing, love and happiness are not the same thing. 

Princess Love: Sure they are! You can love only what makes you feel happy. If it doesn’t, what you are experiencing isn’t love. No matter what the trigger of your love is, it’s always the feeling of happiness or joy that you love. You never love a being or a thing. You love the way you feel when you are with them or you think about them. You love your experience in the Game. The other beings are just fellow players, and the objects are a part of the set. It’s your choice of thoughts about them that makes you happy, and then you call that love. When, however, your thoughts about a person or a thing make you feel sad, angry, or scared, and you say you love them, you are…let’s say, confused.

Mono: A great confusion, indeed… Most people in my world believe that to miss someone and to cry for them when they are gone is a sign of true love. 

Princess Love: Love is a feeling and like any other feeling, it’s experienced in the moment. If you cry because you are lonely and sad, it’s loneliness and sadness you are experiencing at that moment, not love. You might have felt happiness at another time, but if you are talking about what you experienced yesterday and you are pretending you are experiencing it now, you are just lying to yourself. How does that serve you? 

Mono: I don’t know… The people in my world are more than confused. They are…sick. We have an epidemic of mind Viruses. 

Princess Love: Ah, I know who you are! My brother told me about you. You are one of those humans fighting for the liberation of her world from Virusmind. I am delighted to be at your service. What can I do for you? 

Mono: Just…talk to me. Do you often meet other humans? 

Princess Love: Of course I do. When they are happy, I’m right there, with them. 

Mono: And not when they are in love? 

Princess Love: If they are happy, whether they call it love, fun, pleasure, or something like that, I’m there, loving the Game of Life with them. But when they are unhappy, it’s Princess Hate that is keeping them company because everyone hates being unhappy. 

Mono: Hm. Yeah…they do have you two confused, which is strange indeed. People say things like “I can’t live without you”, but they don’t realize what they are really saying. And when the people they love die, then it’s a real tragedy. They hate their life when someone they loved is gone from the Illusion. There is so much misconception about our emotions in the physical world… 

Princess Love: Let’s bring in some clarity then! They call me Love because I love the Game of Life. And I love it because I’m happy to play it. What makes me happy are the concepts that my family represents—eternal existence, absolute freedom, and total harmony and order. In other words, I’m happy because I live forever, I am free to create my reality, and I know how to do that. That is the purest form of love, the feeling that corresponds to the highest vibration matching the highest perspective in the universe. What you are talking about is misery due to attachment and dependence. I don’t know what to tell you about those concepts. You have to talk to the Virus Princess and her family about them. 

Mono: I have…sort of… So it’s very simple, in the end. I love my life, I love my Game, and if I don’t…I don’t, that’s it. Yes, very simple, indeed. I think I am ready to go now. Thank you very much for this wonderful meal and conversation. I will now return to my reality and figure out this war against Virusmind that I am starting. 

Princess Love: Come here, to the Original Castle tomorrow. We will all get together and begin discussing war strategy with you. 

The Princess sprang up and started clapping enthusiastically. “I love this game so much!” she exclaimed and disappeared along with the table, the chandeliers, and the castle. Mono opened her eyes and looked around. Her room was so mundane that it seemed unreal. She felt like a cartoon character. For a few minutes, she wondered if she was losing her mind, but then she shrugged and said to herself, “What difference does it make? All of this is a game I’m playing with my OM, and if that makes me crazy, so be it.” 

She got up, opened the door to the balcony and inhaled deeply the smell of the sea. The first warm evening after a long winter was a precious gift, and she really wanted to savor it, but the nagging voices 157 

of the Viruses she had argued with in the morning were still there, in the back of her head, infuriatingly persistent. She wondered for a few minutes what could distract her enough to silence them, and the idea to go to the movies came to mind. She started scrolling through her phone and looking for a friend to accompany her. Halfway through her contacts, she realized that she wasn’t ready to talk to anyone yet and decided to go by herself. 

The movie theater wasn’t far from her apartment, so she walked slowly, observing everything that was going on around her and thinking about the importance of a purpose in everything you do. To go see a movie wasn’t a very important purpose, but it seemed life-saving at that moment. It gave her a reason to be out of the apartment, to walk, to look at the world, to enjoy the nice weather, to buy popcorn…most of which she ate while looking at the movie titles, trying to choose the least ridiculous one. Finally, she decided to bet on a Disney animation—at least she wasn’t in for a huge disappointment because she knew exactly what to expect from it. 

The movie wasn’t funny, but a few kids in the audience would have disagreed. Their laughter was so contagious that she ended up having great fun along with most of the adults in the theater. When she got out, the voices in her head had fallen asleep. It felt so good to be free of worries that she did her best to keep her mind empty on her walk back to the apartment, and that turned into a fun game. She pretended that in place of her brain there was a baby sleeping in her head. She tiptoed slowly around the apartment while getting ready for bed so she wouldn’t wake the baby up. Many thoughts tried to disturb her newborn mind’s peace, but she protected it like a hawk until the moment she carefully placed her head on the pillow, smiled, and fell asleep, finally relinquishing all control of the avatar and its reality. 

End of Chapter Six of Book One: Rules of the Game of the trilogy War Against Virusmind (W.A.V.)

W.A.V. Book One Chapter Six

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