SMCo. System

The Supermind Company System is based on the Tzolkin algorithm.

Its three major aspects are PEOPLE, TIME and MONEY.



(Social System)

Life in the Supermind Company is a game with levels to complete. At each level, you fulfill quests—our equivalent of work or jobs. You pick your quests from the community board/wall, and when you finish them, you get:

  • points (which you need to complete the game level)
  • discount % at the Company shop, events, services, and so on.
  • money (Supermind money called kins and/or regular money).


There are specific quests for each level in all the categories of life, but many are for all levels. At every level, you have mandatory quests from the Basics: food production, garbage disposal, cleaning, environmental construction, and education. But those quests will be relevant when we establish our physical bases, our cities. For now, we meet in the world of Internet, and we focus on building our online infrastructure.

We work for two major objectives:

  1. To assist each other with establishing and maintaining our connection to our Original Minds and upgrading our human minds.
  2. To build and develop our system.


To enter the Supermind Company Game, you must first attract a pink card. The pink card is an invitation that you receive from a Company member (green card holder or higher) or attract in some other way. When you receive a pink card, you have entered the Game at Level 0 the objective of which is to get voted in.

Your next step is to activate the pink card on our website. When you enter the pink card’s unique code, you are guided to a page where you fill out a questionnaire that is reviewed by a number of SMCo. members from all levels as a part of their quests. You have 3 days to fill out the questionnaire. If you don’t send in your answers within 3 days, your pink card becomes invalid, and you have to find a new one. Each member who reviews your answers votes with “yes”, “no”, or “let’s give them a chance”. If you receive 50% or more “yes” and/or “let’s give them a chance” votes, you are accepted into the Company Purgatory or Level 1—the grey level. You become a holder of a grey card.

Once you receive your grey card, you get access to the list of ongoing quests that the Company members fulfill. The quests are usually fulfilled in teams. They are designed by the Company members themselves (most often led by the 5th level members, the Managers) and posted on the community wall. They have time frames and rewards.
The quests that you fulfill at the grey level are more versatile than the upper-level quests. They are specifically designed to help you get acquainted with as many aspects of the Company life and system as possible. They also aim to put you in contact with as many members as possible, from all levels. At the grey level, all the money—kins and dollars—that you earn are accumulated in a potential bank account that is validated when (and if) you cross over the green threshold and become an official member of the Company.

The grey level is a sort of a trial period during which you have limited access to the Company resources, events, etc. As it is with all the levels, this one lasts for a minimum of 2 years. At the grey level, you don’t receive as many material rewards and responsibilities, but you get a great deal of attention from the other members whose intention is to help you in your personal war against Virusmind and make you a better Virus Fighter.

As soon as you accumulate the necessary number of points to complete the grey level, you receive a green card, and you begin the green level—Level 2. At that point, you become an official member of the SMCo. The membership comes with a personal bank account at the SMCo. Bank (it deals only in kins). Your SMCo. bank account is pre-charged with one Super Kin (SK) and five Unique Kins (your birth kins) in addition to the kins you have earned at the grey level. You are then encouraged to break the Super Kin and begin compiling new Super Kins. Within a month from the day you get your green card, you also receive the bonuses, gifts, regular money, etc. that you have earned during the grey level. You are also offered welcoming presents (that you can decline) from a substantial number of Company members.

[You can check your birth kin here — the kin calculator in the sidebar]

Same as the grey level, at the green level, you fulfill quests. This level lasts a minimum of 2 years and is followed by the blue level—Level 3, followed by the yellowLevel 4. Every next level gives you a greater discount for SMCo. products, events, etc., many of which you have helped produce, acquire, organize, etc. in the quests you have fulfilled.

As you climb the levels, you also become a better Virus Fighter. When you receive the yellow card, after completing Level 3, you are considered a master Virus Fighter. At this point, you have actively participated in the life of the Supermind Company for at least 6 years. When you receive the yellow card, you stand on the borderline between the Lower Three Levels (grey, green, and blue) and the Upper Three Levels (yellow, diamond, and black).

The next two cards are of equal Virus Fighting status as the yellow one, but they entail different roles within the Company. They are the diamond level (Level 5—Managers) and the black level (Level 6—Elders).

The diamond cardholders are called the Managers of the Company. While the Yellows are passive, the Diamonds are extremely active. The yellow cards have no obligation to participate actively in the life of the Company. They can come and go whenever they wish, pick up as many quests as they wish, whenever they wish, or none at all. Their only disadvantage is that after 6 consecutive months of complete inactivity, their discount % begins to decrease, and after 5 years of inactivity their membership may be revoked (with the option to start over from Level 0, as opposed to being banned from the SMCo. Game altogether as in the case of the expelled members).

If you decide that you want to be a Company Manager, you have to fulfill the yellow level quests and complete Level 4. When you do that, you receive the diamond card (a black card with the engraving of a white diamond shape) and become a Manager. There are mandatory yellow level quests that are specifically designed to train and prepare the Superminds for the intense work of Managers of the Company. The Diamonds are the engine of the Supermind System. They have ongoing quests and are involved in the quests of all the other levels. They also receive the highest discount percentage of all company members, including elders.
The diamond level is indefinite, but a Manager may decide to retreat to a yellow card or move to the top level and become an elder. They can do that at any time and for a period of their choice (except in the case where there is no other elder to take their spot if they decide to relinquish it and revert back to a Manager).

By completing Level 5, you become an elder and a holder of a black card. The elders have ongoing quests, too, but the nature of their involvement is more spiritual. They are the shamans of the Company, and their main role is to oversee the synchronicity and rhythm of the Supermind Company Project’s evolution and unfolding. It is their task to keep on focus the highest Intentions of the Company and maintain its balance. They hold ceremonies and communicate with the OMs on behalf of the Company. They, together with the Managers, are also responsible for integrating the Supermind Company in the current world system and attracting resources from outside the Company to finance the Project.

To become eligible for an elder’s position, you need to have held a Manager’s card for a minimum of 2 years. You also need to fulfill a number of special quests designed by the other elders to prepare you for the life and work of an elder. If there are more candidates than spots available in the current Elder Circles, you are placed on a waiting list. A spot in an Elder Circle becomes available when an elder dies or relinquishes their position to return to the diamond or the yellow level.


There are 7 ranks in the Supermind Game (0 through 6). The highest authority is, of course, the 7th rank—the Circle of Elders.

A Circle of Elders is comprised of 20 people—one of each Tzolkin arch. Every Supermind branch (city and/or region) has its local Circle of Elders. They may or may not belong to the Circle of Arch Elders or the Arch Circle that presides over the entire Company.

The decisions regarding the entire Supermind Company are made with a unanimous vote of the 20 Arch Elders, but only after they have been put to a vote by all  its members. Absolutely no decision concerning all members of the Company can be made without a vote. All decisions can be challenged, discussed, and put to a vote unlimited number of times, however, the vote must be initiated by a Circle of Elders.

The members of the SMCo. are intimately and actively involved in the construction and evolution of the Company System. Voting is one of the most important activities in our world, so we are not allowed to skip more than 3 votes per month. Before we put them to a vote, we discuss our issues in groups (we are organized by tribes, kins, etc.) and individually on public forums both online and offline. Those discussions are overseen by members of the last three levels—Yellows, Managers, Elders—whose task is to spot and point out Viruses in the arguments.

The Supermind Company is regulated and organized primarily by the One Law (the Law of Attraction) on which a lot of our solutions are based. At the same time, we have more rigid rules that are called guidelines. Each member has the right to contest any of the guidelines and be exempt from them in specific cases with the unanimous permission of their local or chosen Circle of Elders (with the exception of the Arch Elders). The guidelines can be modified at any time after a discussion and a vote by the entire Company.

A lot of the disputes between members are handled by the One Law or by the “flip a coin” principle. But if anyone feels that they are deprived of something or are afraid that they are being harmed in some way, then we focus our efforts on finding and clearing the Viruses that provoke such feelings and manifestations.

The Supermind people are not like regular people. We live in the Flow of Synchronicity, and we always aim for the highest vibration from where we can also see the highest perspective of our Game. At that level, the pieces of our realities fit together perfectly, and we are never forced to compete over resources of any kind. When we experience Contrast, we do our best to help each other see the bigger picture and extract from the Contrast the right Intention and the best antiviruses. All of the Supermind Company members benefit from that process.

There are no prisons in our system. There are no murderers or other types of criminals in our midst because we can never hold enough fear for such manifestations. We are constantly interacting with many other members, which makes it impossible for us to sink into depression without anyone noticing. Besides, our system is structured around the war against Virusmind, which means that we, as a society, are concerned first and foremost with our emotional health.

We never resort to punishment, except for the possible expulsion from the Company. To be expelled from the Company after you have crossed over into the Green Level is extremely difficult because there are plenty of filters from the very start of your Supermind Game. The first filter is also the most potent one—our Intention. Each member’s Intention is to attract only members whose Life Intentions are to be a part of the Supermind Company and whose worldview is based on the Ultimate Truth.

When we make mistakes, we discuss them with our quest teams, tribes, etc., and we find the root causes—the Viruses or the Intentions that have provoked them. In other words, we analyze together (in the most interesting cases, the entire Company gets involved) how we attracted what we attracted, and how we can evolve from the incidents. To be able to do that, though, we all need to agree on the basic Rules of the Game that I did my best to pinpoint in Book One of the Trilogy War Against Virusmind:

War Against Virusmind TrilogyBook One: Rules of the Game

War Against Virusmind-Book One: Rules of the Game


The SMCo. operates on three time-measuring systems:

  1. A 13-month solar-year calendar (and a 26-hour/2×13/clock).
  2. The infinite Tzolkin count of all time periods – rounds, waves, days, hours, minutes, seconds (on a fractal principle).
  3. The current System’s Gregorian calendar and clock.


More on the SMCo. Time System.


The Company’s internal currency is the KIN. There are three kinds of kin – Super Kin (SK), Random Kin (RK), and Unique Kin (UK). The Super Kin corresponds to the Tzolkin round and when it is unbroken, it contains 260 Unique Kins. The Unique Kin is 5 times the value of the Random Kin. The goal of the Kin Game is to compile Super Kins. The Superminds receive Random Kins as payment for their quests from the SMCo. Bank, chosen randomly by a computer. They can also request Unique Kins that are specific kins of the Tzolkin puzzle but each UK is equal to 5 RK. Most of the Company products and events are also paid for with RKs, except some special events that require SKs.



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