There is nothing serious going on.

We live forever, the Game is eternal. Every piece of Creation is perfect as it is – you just have to find the right angle from which you can see its perfection.

The world isn’t broken. If you focus on fixing the world or anything else, for that matter, you will suffer the reality of a broken world in your personal reality. If you want to create a different reality, do it not because you hate the current one, but because you are a Creator and you have wonderful new and fresh ideas.

You will be free of the yoke of the System as soon as you find a way to play within it and realize that it is a playground, not a prison. Look at it through the eyes of a child and remember – this has been your idea all along.

If you are not having fun, you are looking at it from a perspective you don’t want to hold and manifest.

There is nothing serious going on. Play!

Mono Wind

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