MWTV Channel 0 Episode 0

MWTV Channel 0 Ep. 0: The Story of the Supermind Company

My name is Mono Wind. I’m Supermind #0.
I will now tell you the story of the Supermind Company. Some of it is in the past, some of it is in the future. The rest, of course, is in the present.

This story began a long time ago before our planet was even born. The Creators of this world—they call themselves the Original Minds (the OMs)—decided to make a special planet where life would be awesome. Their intention was to make a humanity of conscious avatars on this planet. The plan was to embody these avatars and have great fun inside the physical world—The Great Mighty Illusion.

The OMs created this planet, this beautiful potential of a paradise, and they started seeding different beings on it. They made all kinds of species and chose some of them to be their conscious avatars. They tried with the lizards – that was an epic fail. It didn’t go in the right direction. But they also tried with humans, and after a few trial runs with some civilizations that either destroyed themselves too quickly or didn’t want to be bothered to evolve much, they came up with a plan.

There is a special program that the programmers of worlds often use on physical worlds like ours. Its purpose is to speed up evolution of the material dimension – to create more stuff and more possibilities for experiences.

The Creators locked our humanity in the third dimension – the material dimension. It was done through the calendar and the clock that we are currently all using.

Time is the substance that glues people together in one collective organism. Through the time-measuring devices— clocks and calendars, the vibrational frequency of a collective mind is established. That reflects in the reality of that organism.

The 12-month calendar and the 12-hour clock are calibrated to the 3rd dimension. The human mind has been locked inside the material aspect of this realm for over 5000 years now.

But we did it! In merely 5 millennia we produced an unbelievable abundance of things and experiences on this planet. Keep in mind, 5 thousand years is a shooting star in the sky of eternity. It’s short.

That program had a deadline – 21 December 2012. Remember this date? It’s what that whole Mayan calendar doomsday craze was about. But only a handful of people knew what was really happening because almost all of humanity today is clueless when it comes to the mind prison we were all born in.

So, what is it all about? It was about the end of our…let’s call it… detention. The vibrational ban has been lifted. The veil between the physical and the non-physical has been burned. We are now officially free and able to evolve beyond the third mind dimension.

What is a mind dimension?

Excerpt from Book One: Rules of the Game (W.A.V. Trilogy).

And now a new major phase of this world’s evolution has begun. The OMs are sending in their new avatars—humans who were designed with the intention to bring this humanity to the next level of the game—the 5th mind dimension. The 4th one is the dimension of transition between 3D and 5D.

These special avatars were born, are being born and will be born more and more in the nearest future on this planet. Because of the intention they were created with, these human avatars have life paths that lead to the expansion of their minds to the point that they can remember who they really are and the universal principles of reality creation. They can perceive the non-physical. I don’t mean that they can see ghosts. But they can communicate with their own non-physical minds, their own ultimate, higher selves—their Original Minds. These humans have remembered the Ultimate Truth and the Game we are all playing. Here on earth specifically.

The OMs call us—because I’m one of those humans—superconscious humans. Or at least we are expected to become superconscious.

What does that mean?

Generally, humans are conscious beings. This means that they can think on purpose and that they know that they are thinking. That’s it. Superconscious humans know they can think but they also know that their thoughts are the most important of all things and that by the power of the Law of Creation, known as the Law of attraction, their thoughts turn into circumstances, events, experiences of all kinds—in other words, reality. They are aware of the Flow of Synchronicity. They can see the invisible connections between thoughts and events. They know how to use their Emotional Navigation System, and so much more.

All of that is in the Trilogy books W.A.V. written by me and my OM. And my OM’s friends. We play together. Of which Book 1: Rules of the Game has been published.

So, the OMs started sending their new avatars to be born in this world, but we are not born superconscious. We are not born with 5D minds because that is not possible yet—there is no 5D humanity yet that one can simply jump into and be naturally conditioned to operate on the frequencies of the 5th dimension. You can say that we were not designed as superconscious humans exactly. We were meant to transform ourselves into superconscious humans. To build a bridge between the 3D mind and the 5D mind.

We are born normal regular humans but with the Life Intentions and the potential to transcend the Illusion, to understand what it really is and what lies beneath it, so to speak. We are set on the path of expanding our 3D minds through experience and give birth to the new mind.

Operating System Human Mind 5.0

A new era is dawning of a brand new human with a brand new world system. Logical, no? The current system really, really sucks.

How do you transition and transform into a superconscious human? How do you build a 5D mind?

The first part of that process is expanding the mind through lots of crazy, or let’s say not so usual experiences and regaining the knowledge of one’s higher self, the One Law (the Law of Attraction), the role of emotions, and so on. The second part of the process is all about cleaning the mind of the beliefs that are not true but that humans concluded were true because they were confined to the material world without knowing for quite some time.

See, the human avatar is specifically designed to perceive energy as matter, which is how it technically creates the material world. It perceives it, and it becomes real in the human mind. That’s the only place it exists anyway, in our minds. This reality is ultimately an illusion, but it is so perfect that the mind perceives it and believes it is real. And it must be so—humans must believe that this reality is real so the Law can make it real.

The human is designed to believe its 5 physical senses 100 %, almost unconditionally. What we see, hear, smell, touch, and taste, for us is real. No question about it. The intention with which the physical illusion was created was for this experience to be completely genuine. So it is.

But this property of the human machine backfired a little in that experimental program of locking the humanity in the 3D because unable to perceive the non-physical world, the human mind logically concluded that the physical realm is the only realm. That the entire universe is made of matter. A lot of humans even arrived at the logical conclusion that this specific world on this planet is the only world in the universe. That’s almost endearing.

Simply because humans cannot perceive the non-physical with their 5 physical senses, they don’t believe it exists. And even the most intelligent regular humans—those are the people not meant to become super conscious in this lifetime—who are willing to discuss concepts regarding the non-physical, would automatically, practically subconsciously always put the non-physical in second place, after the physical. Because in our dimensional prison matter took precedence over consciousness.

That’s one of the reasons we don’t start counting from 0. The 0 represents consciousness and the 1 (and all the numbers thereafter) represents matter. The balance between the 0 and the 1 is the balance between consciousness and matter. The marriage of 0 and 1 represents the entire universe but consciousness ALWAYS comes first. Matter is a product of consciousness, and not the other way around.

But the humans locked in their Illusion with time became more and more convinced that the ultimate reality is just like the reality they are aware of—material. They started to identify almost entirely with their bodies which are an integral part of the physical illusion. They are objects, they are material. The problem is that humans started to believe that their entire self, their entire consciousness, their soul, their Identity is inside their body. Not only that, but it’s in the one and only body that they would ever possess. So, along with their soul, all of their life is contained in the body and when the body is destroyed, life is destroyed with it. And their consciousness. Their mind is gone. Like a liquid in a bottle that the cruel master of us all – Time – drinks up.

No more will I live
No more will I be
No more will I kiss
No more will I feel

Hi, I’m back. It’s not that easy to kill a Supermind.

The story goes on.
That idea though led to the paralyzing fear of death. Because if you have only one life, how do you make the best of it? I mean, how do you make your life so special that when the time comes for it to end, you would actually be ok with that.

I’m fine, I’m ready to die. I’ve done it all. I’m done with life. No need to exist anymore. Nothing more to discover. Nothing more to achieve. Nothing more to experience…

What? Who can honestly say and believe the words: “I’ve had a good run and I’m ready to be done for good.”

No one can. You know why—because no matter how stupid you are, the truth that you are an eternal being lives inside you. You are born with it, it cannot be removed from any mind, human or otherwise. And because the fear of death is simply an indication that death isn’t real. But humans don’t know that because it’s one of the rules of the game which now they have completely backward. They think that the emotion of fear or sadness, or anxiety, or any other negative emotion is telling them that the reason for the fear is real. If those humans would even consider paying attention to their emotions. I mean, most of this is an automatic unconscious reaction because emotions are…they aren’t material so how real or important can they really be? Right?

After having lived in the box of the 3rd dimension, humans concluded that if the idea of dying, of being no more is so painful, that means death is something to be avoided at all costs. And a great confusion ensued from there. The mess of a world we are now living in is a reflection of that confusion. More precisely, the confusion arises from the conflict between two opposing ideas:
On the one hand, there is the idea that death is bad and the worst thing that can happen to a human. On the other hand is the idea or the fact that death is normal, natural, and cannot be avoided. But you see, humans can’t and will never be able to solve that dilemma unless they realize that one of these ideas just isn’t true. Guess which one?

Yet, regular humans wouldn’t budge from their viewpoint that death is a horrible experience for everyone. Not only they wouldn’t reconsider that idea, but they have built…I’m sorry, we have built—because I’ve participated unwittingly, of course, in the building of an entire civilization on the platform of that perspective. The Great Lie as I call it, of which this view of death is at the center, became the foundation of the system of this world.

That’s the world of today with its downright cruel and highly inefficient social structure. And the human avatars that live in this system… have broken minds and broken bodies of course, from all the banging their heads against the invisible walls of the Illusion. Actually, what destroys their minds are these false concepts nested in them that contradict the very reason for being and create an inordinate amount of stress and all kinds of trouble.

But the OMs had a plan. They knew this was going to happen. They knew people would get super confused and would probably mess up the whole world, that their minds wouldn’t function properly, and as a result of all that, their bodies would also be damaged….but as I said, they had a plan how to fix it.

They said, “When the time comes after we have achieved our goal to greatly expand the Game on this planet, we’ll bring in a special squad of humans who will discover the Truth. They’ll venture a voyage beyond the illusion from within their minds, from within their physical realities, and they will find their way out of this vibrational prison. They will remember the Rules of the Game. They will remember their true nature, their source, their Original Minds, their intentions, their purpose, and the Project.

What project? Supermind World Project

Those special humans will then connect and form a new collective human consciousness, a new humanity right inside the existing humanity. They will call themselves the Supermind Company. The Superminds will build a new system and a new physical environment where we can then incarnate in new avatars who can vibrate at the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension because they will have the support of their environment, of the other humans. The new children will come in, and they will be greeted by adults who will not inject in their minds false beliefs but will instead make sure the new humans remember the Ultimate Truth and the Rules of the Game.

Those false beliefs I’m talking about destroy the mind and the avatar.
We call them mind Viruses.
They go under the collective name Virusmind.
And we, the Superminds, are Virus Fighters.

Currently, even though all children are connected to their Original Minds for a few years after they are born, the adults who usher them in and introduce them to the Illusion, immediately inject as many Viruses as they can in the fresh and innocent little minds…. With good intentions….of course. Always! They throw the children in the dungeons of Virusland, meaning that they make them live in an environment and follow routines designed to reinforce Virusmind. They start making them sick from the moment the little heads pop up in the Illusion realm. The special humans who were created with the intention to become super conscious are some of those children. And now they have the task to reprogram their minds. They have to find the right antiviruses and processes, and generally figure out a way to eliminate, to eradicate the Viruses from their own human minds.

That is the first phase of Project Supermind World. The first level of a brand new game—the game of transition. At this level, we fight for the liberation of our minds from the yoke of Virusmind. And simultaneously, we come together and become stronger and stronger with every new member of our special team remembering and joining in.

Why can’t we come in with fresh and clean minds from the start?

Because evolution is a continuous game. Someone has to create this new environment inside the existing game. It cannot be inserted from the outside. Things have to evolve and transform gradually and naturally. They can’t just disappear and be replaced by something else. So now we, the Superminds, have to create or rather reinvent the human OS. We have to do a major upgrade of the old version from within our own minds and realities. We’re talking a shift similar in scale to the transition from typewriters to computers.

And to make this process more interesting and not so painful, the OMs created a game.
It’s called War Against Virusmind. I’ve been playing for 10 years now.

Lots and lots of humans are working on upgrading their own minds and eliminating their limiting beliefs. But not all of them belong to the Supermind Company. The SMCo. is a very specific world system. We have our own time system, money system, and, of course, a social structure that is radically different from the current one.

It is my job, as Supermind #0 to download from the universal library the framework and a lot of the details of Project Supermind Company World System and to make it available to those who have already signed up to be a part of it, I’ve been in communication with the Original Minds for most of my life, but I’ve known who they really are since 2010 (Gregorian calendar time) when I remembered the Ultimate Truth and the Rules of the Game myself.

If you are wondering, “Why do I get to be Supermind #0?”

Reason #1: Somebody had to do it. If it weren’t me, it would have been someone else, and you would be asking them that question.

Reason#2: If you are a real Virus Fighter, you wouldn’t be so quick to envy the first one. My life really, really sucked, especially my late childhood. That was because I needed this huge motivation to want to punch a hole in the walls of the Illusion and figure out what lies beneath it. By the age of 19, I was determined to find whoever created this world because I wanted to punch them in the face. They had some serious explaining to do. What kind of a freaky reality is this? Why would create such a dumb world where children like me who hadn’t done anything to anyone, who were sweet and full of love and inspiration would be treated like shit by all the adults and be harassed and abused at every corner not just by individual humans but also by the institutions that formed this world.

Whose idea was it?

I did find them, the Creators of this world, and I did sit down with them. I didn’t punch them in the face mainly because they have no faces, but also because I remembered that it was all my own idea. And it is pretty logical—the only way for me to find them was to really want to find them. I wanted to speak to the freaking manager of the freaking universe, and I wasn’t taking no for an answer. When we sat down to talk about all this and I asked them, “Wasn’t there a better way? Was my desire to snap your inexisting necks the only way for me to be lured back to you?”
And they said, “Ah, we couldn’t come up with a better plan, but you’re welcome to come up with a better plan. We are open to suggestions and we’ll definitely do it differently next time if you figure out how.”

I’m still thinking… But, since the time we reunited with my Original Mind and my Original Mind’s friends, we’ve been talking about the plan to restore balance and happiness in this world. To bring back King Life, Queen Freedom, Prince Order, and Princess Love to rule over our realm. And my role in this mission is to communicate all this information that I get from our OMs to all my fellow Superminds. I am the Wind, I am the communicator.

You’re welcome. My beautiful other human selves. We are all ultimately one big being.

So, here we go. I’ve set up this website. It’s not mine, it belongs to the Supermind Company. I’ve written two books – the third one is on its way, of the Trilogy War Against Virusmind. In them, you can find the fundamental information about all this. And to make it more interesting, it’s wrapped in a story. My story. Or rather, a version of it. I’ve delivered it through conversations with my OM and all these characters that are my OM’s different forms. They live inside my imagination, but they are real. They are concepts that we’ve given names and faces to. They live in the Land of Thoughts and Concepts where I meet them and have different experiences with them.

There are two kingdoms in the Land of Thoughts and Concepts – the Original Kingdom and Virusland…

…and here, on this platform, I will continue my quest. This is the meeting place for all the Supermind people, my people, my kin. On this forum, we will begin discussing our game and world integration strategy. From here, we’ll fight Virusmind together.

I’m so proud to be the one to establish the 0-point or the point of convergence for us to converge. I’ve also discovered space 0—the land in the physical realm where the first Supermind school and a city around it are to be built. I’ve been living this vision since the OMs brought me to this magical place in the country of Bulgaria. Here, I’m dreaming our future. I’m a Supermind elder and that means I’m a dreamer whose primary job is to believe in the vision and thus make it real.

MWTV is comprised of 4 channels.
Channel 0 is where I will talk about my life, my path, my quest, my fight, my Stream. It is this channel.
On channel 1 I will discuss W.A.V. strategy and tactics. I will answer your questions here too.
On channel 2 we’ll have conversations. I’ll meet here somehow.
On channel 3 we’ll test our tools and weapons. We’ll meditate together, we’ll do other practices, we’ll discuss techniques, medicines, and so on.

Channel 4 and the consequent numbers are for my fellow Superminds—those of you who want to create a video series of their path, of their life as Virus Fighters, and will talk about their issues and ideas.

Alright then.
I think this is it for today
I’ll see you soon, I promise
Good vibes and remember—I am You!

Mono Wind

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