It's not a matter of luck anymore

It’s Not a Matter of Luck Anymore

Come with me, my baby,

Let me show you the way

Come, the Law will take us

to the Neverlands

That’s where you and I, baby

We live forever

Let me show you what I know

There’s a secret, hidden door

I have the key

I’ve made some copies

Come, let me give one to you

The Game is on

We have projected

and pre-designed

and re-corrected

We have the tools and all the passwords

We need to play now

That is all

We have the maps

to all the high roads

It’s not a matter of luck anymore

I am the Operator

of this avatar

I control her mind

I choose my thoughts

by the way they feel

Trust me, baby

Trust me now

Follow your heart

Look for the higher vibe

Look for the higher ground


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images: Pixabay

Mono Wind

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