No one can save you from yourself, and that's a good thing

I get what I put out

Sometimes, the consistency of the Law of Attraction is frustrating. Especially when you are attracting so perfectly the manifestations of your fears. They come as warnings, criticism, doubts from other people…

But then, if you look closer, you can get a kick out of the perfection with which your predominant thoughts have circled back to bite you in the…heart. That’s how you remember that your external reality is a mirror of your mind.

Don’t blame them for giving you absurd advice, for approaching you from a place of fear, for being selfish or stupidly arrogant… for whatever they are doing “wrong”. Instead, look at those words and remember—that’s what you’ve been doing for and to yourself all along.

It’s a good thing because…

When you can’t bring yourself to kick your Viruses out of your head, a kick in your face is an efficient way to shake them up at least a little. What a better way to snap out of the infinite self-destructive rant than getting a telegram from someone you’ve never met, saying that you need to change your name ? Well, that happened to me.

What manifestations of self-doubt have you had?
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No one can save you from yourself, and that's a good thing

No one can save you from yourself, and that’s a good thing.”

Mono Wind

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