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A conflict is only possible between equally powerful and similar in nature Viruses living in the minds of the people involved.


In other words:
Whenever you are angry at someone, you are actually angry at yourself and whatever makes you angry in that person is something that you can’t accept in yourself.

A message for the Supermind Company Virus Fighters:

If you find yourself in a conflict situation, do not regret letting yourself be dragged into it. Do not judge yourself for reacting, for getting angry, for not being able to keep a lid on your emotions. You are a Virus Fighter – use the situation to see the Viruses in your avatar’s mind that have surfaced up and manifested in the words of the people involved (including your own) and in the details and synchronicities of the circumstances. A conflict you are involved in is:

  1. Contrast clarifying your most relevant desires for the moment and giving you a chance to focus in the right direction.
  2. An opportunity to unravel the knots of your bad beliefs that represent the actual obstacles standing on your chosen path at the moment.


a. Detach from the avatar and be as objective as possible about its state of mind.
b. Look for the strongest emotions you experience when you think about the situation – they are the keys to your mind’s subconscious patterns.

P.S. If you need assistance with deciphering the situation, spotting the Viruses, and/or cleaning your vibration on the subject, write to Mono at supermindco@gmail.com. I’ll be more than happy to help you unearth your true fears and give you ideas on how to change the direction of your focus.

Mono Wind

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