Birth of a Nation_Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Present in the Now

Continued from Chapter 2: Hope’s Gift

Moment was standing next to Akbar, looking up at him with a wide grin on his face. He was only about eighty centimeters tall, but there was that strange flickering light in his eyes that Mono had asked him about once, and he had told her that those were the dancing reflections of the millions of stars living inside him.

Moment: Hey, Akbar, you don’t have to leave yet, do you? Let’s play a game.

Akbar: I wish I could stay here forever, but I too have to go soon. I need to go look for a job. But I’m so overwhelmed, and I know I won’t find a good job or even any job if I don’t change something in my…consciousness. I need to change my vibration, that much I’ve learned so far from this game… I’m talking about the War Against Virusmind game. Mono’s game.

Moment: Oh, that’s not Mono’s game. She only found out about it a few years ago. Beings of all forms and shapes on thousands, millions of worlds have been playing this game for longer than you can imagine. You have no idea how many battles I’ve watched from my bench. I have a special telescope with which I can see the Battlefield from there. It’s the best show!

Akbar: Wow, that’s…great, I guess. Mono said I should ask you how to…

Moment: I know, I started telling you before she asked you what happened in Virusland. So, you want to be present in the moment. It’s the simplest thing really. All you have to do is pay attention to what you are doing at the moment. When you eat, think about eating and nothing else. See, easy.

Akbar: You mean, I should think about what I’m eating?

Moment: Not at all. When you eat, taste the food. Focus on the taste. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Taste it with your full attention. Humans have forgotten to taste what they taste with their conscious minds. They register just a little bit of what that magnificent sense produces. Taste is real magic. Your tongue and your mouth make magic out of…organic matter you call it. It’s really energy, but for you, as a human, it’s matter, and your body knows how to translate that matter into a sensation. It makes an experience out of it.
You have an amazing capacity and you don’t appreciate it nearly enough. In fact, Mono will tell you that this is one of your weapons in the fight against Virusmind. Turn your entire attention on the sensation of taste, and hopefully, the food you are eating will also taste good. If it doesn’t, the Contrast will be so strong that you will soon attract something way better.

Akbar: Wow…food…you are right. And if you think about it, we eat so often. We can use food to raise our vibration by simply focusing on its taste.

Moment: Sure, but don’t rely only on this tool to raise your vibration when you want to do that with your thoughts because you might become… an “emotional eater” was it? Sometimes people use it because they are bored, but often it’s because they want to escape from Virusland, and it’s easier to use the physical senses than to change their thoughts. Or at least it seems that way.

Akbar: It’s not just food we use this way. There are many other physical pleasures…

Moment: Sure. So yeah, another one would be…focus on the feeling, the sensation of the water caressing your skin when you are taking a shower. And on the smell of your soaps. Buy many different scented soaps and use them all. Choose the ones that have the strongest and most pleasant scent for you and alternate them. You take showers often, right?

Akbar: I think I’ll start taking even more showers. I usually shower when I need to, but I’ll start showering just for the pleasure of it, even if I’m clean, when I need to relax, when I need to meditate even… And baths. Heck, who doesn’t love showers and baths?!

Moment: Maybe crazy people.

Akbar and Moment laughed.

Akbar: So, basically, you are saying, use the physical senses?

Moment: Yes. And there are so many ways to do that. When you walk, feel your muscles and your whole body form inside. It is a very pleasant sensation, walking I mean, don’t you think? Same when you work out or run…

Akbar: That’s a great idea. I like the way I feel, physically I mean, when I work out, but I don’t really focus on the feelings in my body, my muscles contracting, my tendons stretching… I do, but these sensations are more like background music compared to my thoughts that run in the foreground…all kinds of random thoughts…

Moment: Ah, this reminds me – also, listen to music, use your sense of hearing. But not as a background atmosphere. From time to time, just sit down and do only that – listen to uplifting music, music that makes you tingle inside.

Akbar: Like a meditation with sound…

Moment: I have another idea about sound! Listen to your own voice when you speak. Not to the words but the sound of your voice, the intonation your avatar chooses. Because it’s the One Law that produces your voice and even what you say, you know. You think you are in control of it, that you decide with your intellect exactly what to say before you say it, but that’s not true at all. What you are about to say has already been said vibrationally, it has been decided by the Law at least a few moments before you realize you are about to say it.

Akbar: How do you know all that, you are not even human? What am I saying, you are the master of the Now!

Moment: I am not the master of the Now, I am one with it. That is different. I know these things because I listen to the Wizard Time Lord when he trains the Virus Fighters in the Art of Awareness. And I see how they get here, to the Kingdom of Now and to me. They find their way here from within their minds using these paths in their minds, these special vibrational corridors in the Land of Thoughts and Concepts.

Akbar: The wizard what?

Moment: The Wizard Time Lord. You haven’t met the Time Lords, have you?

Akbar: Should I have?

Moment: I don’t know about should, but you probably will. You most certainly will.

Akbar: Should I be excited or nervous about it?

Moment: What a dumb question! Haha. Excited! Always excited! Come, let’s play a game…

Akbar: But, do you have any other practical tips about how to stay present in the now?

Moment: When you meet the Wizard, he’ll tell you.

Akbar: When? Mono said you have all the answers.

Moment: All the answers? No one ever has all the answers because you can’t have them all at once. And because every answer produces a new question that leads to a new answer… I can only tell you what the One Law allows you to hear right now. You know, my fill name is Perfect Moment of Time. You will understand that to be present in the Now is about the art of finding those special intersections of different time vectors. They are the “nerve points” of the Flow of Synchronicity. You need to talk to my mother about that.

Akbar: Who is your mother?

Moment: Synchronicity. She is Marshal Time’s daughter. I’m his grandson. Have you met Marshal Time?

Akbar: Not yet.

Moment: Ah, you will, at the perfect moment of time. Come, let’s play. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, especially about what to do in the future. Because that’s what you are asking me and if you have the Intentions to apply these tips in the future or anywhere outside of the Now, you will end up in Virusland, in the hands of one of my three arch-nemeses.

Akbar: Who are your arch nemeses?

Moment: Past, Present, and Future, of course. Future is a girl, and she’s very cunning and deceptive. Not quite as obnoxious as her brothers, but she is more skilled than them at trapping you in Virusland. She is very skilled at weaving invisible spider webs you can get caught in and not even know why you are stuck.

Akbar: I see. That’s…I have to think about that. I mean…isn’t the future…a good thing, let’s say?

Moment: To think about the future without falling down to the pits of Virusland is tricky, very tricky. Because you don’t exist anywhere else but here and now. You think you have a “future self” but that future self is just an idea, and by the time you get to it, it will be different from what you are now imagining. It’s not possible to be any other way because there is a path between now and then, a path of evolution.

Akbar: Even if we’re talking about my tomorrow self?

Moment: You think you don’t change between now and tomorrow?

Akbar: Some people seem to stay the same for many years, I don’t know, maybe they just hide their evolution very well.

Moment: Some people change very slowly, but it’s not possible to be the same even from one moment to another. You always change but sometimes you change to more of the same.

Akbar: Oh, that makes no sense.

Moment: Why?

Akbar: Well, if I change to more of the same, I’m just…the same.

Moment: You may think you are the same, but the world has changed, and you are a fragment of the world, of the universe, I mean. You just don’t realize that you are a piece of a bigger organism and your position in the big choreography has changed. That means that your role has changed and your impact on the Whole is different, which resonates back to you, but you may not notice the difference in that vibrational sound that you reflect back to the universe until you die. One human life is very short anyway.

Akbar: Why is it that I can’t stop thinking about the future though? I’m afraid…

Moment: Come, let’s play a game now. After that, if you still feel that way, you can go to Future and talk to her. She’ll tell you exactly why she thinks you need to indulge thoughts of the future. And she’ll give you plenty of those to play with if you want to feel wretched.

Akbar: Okay, Moment, let’s play a game. What do you have in mind?

Moment: I will hide in the castle, in one of the many rooms and you have to find me. Keep in mind that new rooms are created all the time.

Akbar: But how?

Moment: I just told you.

Moment waved good-bye to Akbar while grinning at him and slowly vanishing before his eyes.

Akbar: Hide and seek, great! Moment? Moooooment?! I can’t play this game. I have too much to do. I have to go look for a job…

At the moment Akbar said that, a girl with piercing black eyes appeared in Moment’s place. She looked ridiculous because she was dressed in a black suit, but the suit was much bigger on her. She looked as if she had been an adult just a moment ago but some witch or wizard has turned her into a child. She was holding a black briefcase in one hand and a pair of reading glasses in her other hand. She put on the glasses, took out a document from the suitcase, read a little bit of it – she just mumbled a few words to herself and handed it to Akbar.

Future: Here, you’ve been served.

Akbar took the paper.

Akbar: What is it?

Future: A subpoena. A day from tomorrow, you will run out of money, and you must come to our court, so we can pronounce our sentence. My father will be the Supreme Judge. He will probably have to kill you because you don’t deserve to live…broke and very nearly a bum. You don’t want to be a bum, do you? You deserve a merciful death and my gracious father will grant it to you. Maybe. Who knows? You still have two days to fix your situation.

Future disappeared too, and Akbar started running down the hill on top of which stood the Castle of Now. He was already frantically discussing with himself what to do, how to find a job, where to look for it, what kind of job he was supposed to do in this life, what was the best job in the world, how much money could he make or was supposed to make to be considered a successful, strong and steady man that any woman would want as a protector and provider…and give him the love he so desired…

Mono Wind

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