Birth of a Nation_Chapter 1: Hope's gift

Chapter 1: Hope’s GIft

Continued from Birth of a NationChapter 0

A few minutes after Nirvana left, Akbar came out of Moment’s Castle with a huge pitcher of pink lemonade. He was very proud of himself and looked excited to share his creation with us, but his face darkened after he looked around and didn’t see Nirvana.

Mono: Oh, why the long face?

Akbar: Did she leave because of me?

Mono: No, not at all. She had to go to work.

Moment: Please, don’t get sad! If you do, you’ll end up in Virusland again. Come, sit with us on our bench. You can talk to us. We can help you feel better.

Akbar: All right… Did she at least try my lemonade?

Mono: C’mon now, you know that Synchronicity made it. You only discovered it.

Akbar: That’s true too.

Mono: Did you have fun with her?

Akbar: Who, Synchronicity? I don’t know… Okay, I did, but at the same time, it’s all so overwhelming. I can’t fully relax because in the back of my mind… I miss Nirvana. She’s… my soul mate.

Moment: Ahaha, Mono and I watched you two on the Battlefield yesterday. You were very funny, especially when you started fighting with each other.

Moment was laughing, folding himself in two and tapping his leg.

Moment: Remember how she exploded when you told her…

Akbar: Please, Moment, stop! Don’t remind me! If I start thinking about it now, I’ll surely fall down this abyss and straight into Virusland.

Moment: But, but, it was hilarious.

Akbar: To you maybe. To me, it is all very serious.

Moment: You said it, not me.

Akbar: What do you mean?

Moment and Mono looked at each other and started laughing.

Mono: Do you see this scar, here on my nose?

Akbar: Yep.

Mono: How about these ones, there are several small scars here, on my back…

Akbar: Yes, I see them.

Mono: And this one…

Akbar: Sure. So what, you…have hurt yourself…

Mono: Each one of them happened when I took my Game too seriously and thought it was something…other than a game let’s say.

Moment: You and your girl, you are Virus Fighters, aren’t you? Why aren’t you fighting your Viruses but each other?

Akbar: Honestly, I don’t know how. I’m new to this, cut me some slack.

Moment: You’re funny.

Akbar: You find everything funny, don’t you?

Moment: Of course! Life is a funny game.

Akbar: I so wish I could see it the same way. I wish I could see through your eyes.

Moment: But you can! Especially here, in the Kingdom of Now. All you have to do is come here and look around. Really look though…

Akbar: What do you mean?

Mono: Wait, Moment, before you tell him how to come to the Now and what to look for in it, I want to take him a little bit back…to the past. What happened in Virusland?

Akbar: Where, on the Battlefield?

Mono: Oh, no, we watched that fight. I mean, just now, before Moment pulled you out of Virusland and you talked to Hope on the Bridge…

Akbar: Oh, yeah. There was a woman with a black dress that was made mostly of black lace, and it was see-through. Her body was old, and I mean, her skin was super wrinkled and sagging. She looked like a skeleton with wrinkled drapes that were covered with this black lace for some reason. Her face was younger…I think. I’m not sure because it was always twisted in a painful grimace, and I don’t think that woman has ever smiled in her life.

   She had a big crown. Huge, I’m telling you. It looked heavy. It was made of gold…and with diamonds encrusted in it… It kept tilting and about to fall off, so she had to hold it in place most of the time with at least one hand, sometimes with both hands. She looked ridiculous. I think she was the Virus Queen, what was her name?

Mono: Queen Victim. What did she tell you?

Akbar: She wanted to lock me up. She even said that she had a special room for me because I’ve been…how did she put it, yeah, a naughty child who didn’t deserve to grow up. I told her it was too late for that, obviously, I’ve already grown up. But she insisted that I needed to be punished for not having been a good child and that the punishment that I deserve is so big that one lifetime wouldn’t be enough, which is why I couldn’t be allowed to grow up… I don’t know, it didn’t make much sense then…though now that I say this out loud, I’m starting to see some…

Mono: Did you meet anyone else?

Akbar: A man came on a horse.

Mono: Oh, the Virus King. He doesn’t get off that stupid horse.

Akbar: No, it wasn’t the King. It was someone else.

Mono: The Prince then? Prince Chaos.

Akbar: I haven’t met him, but I don’t think so because this one acted like he was her servant, not a prince. The first thing he said was that there was no time.

Mono: Oh, that was General Rush.

Akbar: I see. He said, “My queen, we must hurry, there is no time!”, and then he wanted to tie me to his horse. He asked me how fast I could run, and I said I didn’t want to run, but he replied, “Too bad, you have no choice! You must hurry, there is no time. You must run as fast as you can, faster actually, and even if you break your legs, you must never stop running because time runs away faster….” I think he meant that we needed to chase time.

   I don’t know, it made too little sense, but he was saying that as he was walking towards me. And he was holding this black rope that looked alive. I swear, it was moving, writhing like a black snake in his hands… I was getting ready to fight him, but at the very moment, I thought that I’d rather die right there and then than to allow that dude to touch me, I heard Nirvana’s voice. She was yelling at someone. I couldn’t see her but I could hear her voice, and she was saying how she was going to burn “the whole Country of Doom to ashes.” She was threating to bring in the OMs and level it down, and I started laughing. She is so crazy and adorable at the same time. She has this fire inside her that…

Moment: Aww, look at him light up when he talks about her.

Akbar: I knew she was angry with me too, because of our fight and all, but at that moment I felt a surge of hope. I realized how strong she really is. And those Viruses that made her hate me… I knew she could defeat them and that she would. Then I saw a ray of light coming through that weird black fog. The sun made a hole in it, and through it I saw Hope on his Bridge. I knew about the Bridge from Mono’s stories (the W.A.V. trilogy books), and I knew I had to run in that direction immediately. So I ran, and I got out. When I stepped on the Bridge, the black slimy fog slid off me… That was so weird, it couldn’t follow me outside of Virusland, I guess… But it was so nice and bright on the Bridge. Moment was there too, and he invited me here. We were about to leave when Hope pulled me aside and gave me this.

Akbar opened his hand. There was a small black diamond in his palm.

Moment: Hey! This is a diamond from Queen Victim’s crown. Wow, how did Hope get it? What did he tell you? Why did he give it to you?

Akbar: He said that this diamond crystallized from…the tears of a thousand children who never got to grow up because they forgot the sound of Queen Freedom’s voice. And they cried themselves to death, trying to relieve the feeling of loneliness, of disconnection from their true best friends forever. I presume he meant the OMs, but I haven’t met my OM and I’m not sure…

Mono: Did Hope say what you were supposed to do with it? Why did he give it to you?

Akbar: At first I thought this was some cruel joke, but then he said, “You are not listening. Those were tears of relief that brought them to their true best friends forever. This diamond is a symbol of the path to your OM, he said. Follow the Path of Death.”

Mono & Moment: Oooooh.

Mono and Moment looked at each other and nodded.

Moment: Man, that was deep. So, what are you going to do?

Akbar: I don’t know, but I have a sense…it’s more than a sense, really, it’s a knowing, but an intuitive knowing. Not of what will happen but that everything will become clear as I go. I’ve never been more certain in my heart that I will figure it out soon enough. That path will find me.

Mono: Are you scared?

Akbar: Not really. I should be, shouldn’t I?

Moment: Of course not!

Akbar: I’m thrilled. Well… I have this trepidation inside me. I’m nervous because…it’s all too much for my mind to comprehend, but at the same time, I’ve never felt so much clarity in my heart. Or let’s say, the rest of my being. Everything aside from my head seems to know what’s happening and where we’re headed. As if all my cells are cheering, they know what’s happening, and I just have to trust them. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

Mono: Certainly not death. That’s for sure.

Akbar: So, you don’t think I have to die to get to my true best friends forever?

Mono jumped to her feet and made the sign of the cross in Akbar’s face while singing, “A new direction that is not east, west, north or south!

Cross sign

Then all three of them started singing:

I’m ready to die

Then they laughed and clinked their glasses filled with pink lemonade.

Mono: Ah, this Game is so much fun! And as my OM told me once:

A great adventure awaits us!

Mono: Listen, I have some work to do. I’m going to get my computer and sit in one of the gazebos and write a little. You too have fun without me, okay?

Moment: Oh, how are we going to manage that! Hahaha.

Akbar: Bye Mono, thanks for everything.

Mono: For what?

Akbar: I guess, for reminding me of the Land of Thoughts and Concepts. It’s so much fun here. Even Virusland. Especially Virusland.

Mono: Attaboy! Yeah, no problem. You are very, very welcome. Mostly here, to the Kingdom of Moment where I live now. You know, if you come here often enough, Moment will give you a room in his castle. There’s no better place to live anywhere in the universe. My room is up there, in that tower, the 678th tower from left to right, see it?

Akbar looked at Mono and raised an eyebrow.

Mono: Never mind…eh, one of those towers there. There are lots of people here, mostly children, what can you do? Okay, bye now.

Akbar: Oh, wait, you were going to tell me how to be present…aware…you know, practically, I mean… I need to know what to do.

Mono: Moment will tell you that. He’s the master of the Kingdom of Now, after all. I’m just a humble student, like you. Learn from the master whenever you can. If he’s not around, you can ask me, but he’s right here now.

I left Akbar and Moment to go and write another chapter of our story. One day, when the Supermind Company is an unstoppable force transforming this beautiful planet into a jewel in the crown of our galaxy, I want the kids to read of the first steps of our magnificent nation.

Akbar was already feeling so much better, and I knew that not only from the look in his eyes but also from the resonance of his vibration in our tiny, baby collective consciousness. It is different now that I am not alone anymore. My mind is bigger. It’s in three people, not in one. And I feel other avatars awakening and awaiting their turn to come and dock in. The Law will bring them Home.

I’ve been wondering for many years now what it would feel like to be a part of a conscious collective mind. I still can’t imagine a thousand of us, let alone a million. But I don’t need or want to imagine anything. I want to be surprised. The only thing that matters is that I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not afraid to live and I’m not afraid to die because, with or without me, our new humanity will live and create a wonderful world.

And because I know that I will die a thousand more deaths in this lifetime only! The war has only just begun. We all will.

One More Time

P.S. I recorded this song – the Virus Fighter’s hymn – after King Death threw me out of the Last Door. That story is in Book One of the trilogy W.A.V. (chapter 6). You can read some of that chapter here.

P.S. P.S. In the next chapter of Birth of a Nation, Akbar and Moment have a conversation about…ah, all kinds of things and also about how to stay present in the Now. I could hear it in my head while I was writing in my favorite gazebo in the garden of the Castle of Now. I told you, our minds are connected.

Birth of a Nation_Chapter 1: Hope's gift

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