Birth of a Nation_Chapter 0

Chapter 0: Pink Lemonade

Tz1 K183
Magnetic Night
Magnetic Wizard Year

Happy Night Wave, my dear kin!

Today, kin 183 of Tozlkin 1, I begin telling the story of the Supermind Company. In real-time! One by one, we come together. Today, there are three of us.

First came Mono – that is me, the storyteller. I am Supermind #0.

I was born in Tzolkin –60, on kin 42, Electric Wind (November 26 of Gregorian year 1976) in Bulgaria.

My life has been an epic adventure. The first 33 years were mostly full of Contrasts that brought me to my ultimate self, my Original Mind in Tzolkin –11 (G.y.2010). It was in the month of May (the 11th month of the Year of the 4 Seed) that I put the last pieces of the puzzle I had been assembling since I was born, and I remembered everything I needed to know – where I come from, who I really am, and the principles of the Game of Life we are all playing. Since that day, I’ve been fighting for the liberation of my mind from Virusmind – those false beliefs that mess up my game because, after all, it is our beliefs that define our reality, our life experience on this planet.

Five-six years ago, I went to a yoga ashram in Greece. By that time, my OM and its friends had revealed to me a great deal of the plan we devised together for this world a long, long time ago, way before this avatar of mine was born. They told me about the Supermind Company – a new nation of fully conscious humans who play their Game together with their OMs. I knew I had a role to play, but I was still alone and wondering when and how I would meet those special avatars, my true family, my kin. I was struggling with my doubts because I hadn’t met even one of them despite my desperate efforts to spread the message of the Ultimate Truth I had discovered. When I was finally tired of trying to connect with humans who had no real interest in the principles of reality creation, I gave up, determined not to speak to anyone about it unless they really, really wanted to know and asked the right questions. How would I know? Easy – it had to feel totally right.

Just a couple of weeks later, a girl showed up in the ashram. Her name was Nirvana. That’s the name the guru had given her and the name she goes by in the Company today. Her real name is Nevena which is a Serbian name (her parents are Serbian, but she was born and raised in Canada). It is also the name of my deceased mother’s favorite flower – the marigold.

Nirvana was only 17 at the time, and I was 38, so to me, she was a baby. But she started asking questions. Just like that, out of the blue, apparently urged by her OM, she asked and asked. At first, I was convinced that she was just making “big talk” (small talk in the ashram ;), but then she started changing her perspective and her attitude towards life at light speed. Nirvana was refreshingly honest, too, partly because her childlike wonder was still shining bright in her and partly because of her character. She said to me, “You are the craziest person I’ve met, and at the same time, the things you are saying resonate so true. In fact, for the first time in my life, something makes so much sense.”

After we both left the ashram some months later, I went back to Bulgaria to have a series of operations on my teeth and jaw, and she went back to Canada to go to college. We didn’t keep in touch for a while until a few months later when I ended up in the US where my dad lived. He was about to have his prostate removed because cancer had crept upon it. My OMs sent me to help and support him but also to melt the emotional distance between us. That’s when Nirvana and I reconnected too, and she became my first “padovan”. She was the first Virus Fighter I had met, and soon we both realized that she belonged to the Supermind Company. She is Supermind #1.

For the next four years, we texted and talked almost every day. She fought many battles with her hairy and scary Viruses, and to me there was nothing more fulfilling and entertaining than watching her progress and her game. To see the effect of the antiviruses we forged together on her reality, how her Contrasts served her, hot they brought out her real Intentions; to help her come out of the dark woods when she got lost, to experience the relief and the epiphanies with her when she found herself back on her brightly lit path… It was truly exhilarating. It still is because the war has only just begun, and we are both still fighting our demons, but now Nirvana can find her way out of Virusland without me if she needs to.

Last year, after a few extremely “Contrasty” relationships with some obnoxious men, she met Akbar. Akbar is young too, but his childhood, like the childhood of every Virus Fighter, was ridden with Contrast. He received regular injections of the nastiest mind Viruses just so one day he could challenge them all on the Great Battlefield. Apparently, that time has come, and even though I only started communicating with him a couple of months ago, I am confident that he is Supermind #2.

Akbar is determined to learn how to find his way to the Original Kingdom, to take control of his mind and his Game. His Life Intentions to walk the path of a Supermind have been surfacing up gradually but quickly. For the first few months of their relationship, Akbar mostly listened to Nirvana’s earnest lecturing on the principles of reality creation and the game W.A.V. Despite the Viruses that made her want to push him to walk faster on this path (been there, done that), he’s been finding his balance, taking three steps forward and two steps back – the best and probably only way to keep your balance on your wobbly raft while precipitating down the River of Evolution.

After watching Nirvana fall off that raft many times and pulling her out of the water by her hair, it is so interesting to me to watch her try to do the same for Akbar. From time to time, she goes down with him. Sometimes, he comes out first and tries to pull her out to safety, but more often than not, she pulls him back down with her. But they were careful and gentle with each other until about a week ago when their Viruses apparently felt threatened by their Intentions, union and rapid evolution, and they ambushed them.

Virusmind always attacks when you have made serious progress on your path towards absolute freedom. So my Superminds 1 and 2 were kidnapped and dragged to the Great Battlefield where the Royal Virus Family was waiting for them, in full gear. Our heroes didn’t have time to realize what was happening – Queen Victim, Prince Chaos, and Princess Hate pelted them and dragged them around while they were desperately trying to run away. The Virus King was watching and whispering in their ears thoughts of paralyzing fear until they turned on each other.

Then they turned to me for a third perspective because, as much as they hated each other at that moment for the pain they had caused each other, they knew they were defeated at their own game, and that was unacceptable. At first, I asked them to regroup and go back to the Battlefield for a counter-attack, but then it became obvious that it was too soon for that. And we began discussing the situation and looking for ways to defeat their Virusmind together. It will take time, but that is fine. More than fine–it’s great because the Game has never been more interesting to me…

My OMs and I have been talking about the Superminds’ collective consciousness for some time now. How will our society work? Especially in this Age of Transition when our priority is to purify our minds, and only after that we can connect them in a unified human consciousness. I’ve been asking them why we can’t just all get together and dance in unison while building our world in harmony and peace. They say that if we did that, Virusmind would destroy us all at once.

Regular humans have strong defenses against each other, but we, the Superminds, are like drops of water that merge together in a bigger drop when we touch each other. And we would rather die on the spot than to allow Virusmind to spread in an instant through all our minds and destroy our collective consciousness. That is why we cannot meet and unite until we have cleaned our minds, or until we have learned to control our minds with the Viruses in them.

Because of Virusmind, the current humanity is fragmented. It is divided into individuals who, from the moment they are born, begin weaving a shield around themselves to protect themselves from each other because the Viruses make them attack one another. That shield is made of suspicion, distrust, and ignoration or disregard and abandonment. Then there are those regular humans who don’t want to rely on a shield for protection. They prefer to be the first to attack because they believe it is inevitable to be attacked. They have their weapons constantly firing at random, and when another individual appears in their range, they focus their fire onto them. They fire judgment, criticism, ridicule, and they are always ready to take it to the next level, the level of aggression or emotional and physical abuse if their “enemies” show weakness. They rejoice when they bring someone down because King Death and Queen Victim are whispering in their ears that this is a “kill or be killed” kind of world, so when an individual is destroyed, eliminated, in their head, they have won. And even if it’s people they’ve never met–they feel a sweet tickle in their belly when they hear that someone has failed miserably at life. Even the best of us have experienced that sick satisfaction because we are trained as child soldiers in the Virusmind army to compete with each other and eliminate the competition as soon as possible. And the more ruthless and cunning we are about it, the more this System rewards us. They teach us that this is how we survive and even gain more life.

Ah, King Life! The King of the Universe. The King of all Thoughts and Concepts. Who doesn’t want to be near him and drink from the Lake of Life in the center of the Original Kingdom? But when your advisor is King Death, and you are guided through fear and hatred, you only drift further away from your true King, and you slowly kill yourself. You grow old and bitter because your human heart can take only so much fear and anger.

So, we, the Superminds, rookies or not, don’t have the same kind of shield. We have another kind of shield–the Virus Fighter’s shield. But it has a vulnerability–it is made of love, and the Virus exploits that vulnerability. The adorable Princess Love… She is too unconditional, too forgiving, and she would let anyone in, even her mirror rival, Princess Hate. She would give food to eat, clothes to wear, a bed to sleep in… to that raggedy rascal of a Virus, and she would sprinkle glitter all over her if only the Virus Princess didn’t get so enraged by happiness. Besides, Princess Hate can’t leave Virusland, but humans can go to her, and if the love their shields are made of isn’t pure, they break like glass from the resonance of King Death’s laughter.

That’s why we begin the weaving of our SM collective consciousness with a boy and a girl who are in love, and me–the neutral 0 as a connected shaman in this Game-Ceremony, a dedicated representative of the OMs.

Love is a weak spot for us humans mainly because of a physical feature in our avatars’ design–that cocktail of hormones that is released automatically and that lifts us to the highest vibration when we “fall in love”. That cocktail would be a great advantage if we could use it to connect to our OMs, but we fall easy pray instead to the biggest Viruses, namely the infamous pair of Queen Victim and her son Prince Chaos. According to those two, you do not control your reality with your thoughts because there is no principle that organizes thoughts and produces manifestations or experiences based on those thoughts. There is only chaos in the universe, and everything happens by chance, by accident. That is why you are a victim of circumstances, of the external reality. They claim that the universe is an empty space with fragments of reality floating around with no particular trajectory. Basically, a piece of rock can hit you anytime, anywhere, just because!

Nirvana: Because what?

Prince Chaos: Because nothing! Because it can happen, that’s it.

Queen Victim: You are always a potential victim. Anything can happen. You should be on your toes at all times and watch out for incoming threats. You should be ready to run, ready to hide if you want to save yourself, to survive. And you want to live, don’t you?

Nirvana: Not like that I don’t.

Princess Hate: Of course you don’t! Life sucks.

Nirvana: No, wait. It could suck…yeah… if I didn’t know better.

Princess Hate: Ah, you know nothing!

Nirvana: But I do! I’m not alone… I have my OM…

King Death: Your OM, you say? Your OM is far and too busy to care about you. Your OM would love to help you, but you don’t listen to it and it can’t deal with your dumb ass. If you want to kill yourself or destroy your life, what can your OM do about it? Nothing! It will have to let you deal with your shit by yourself. You have free will. You control your reality, not your OM.

Prince Chaos: Ah, father, don’t give this poor little human false hope. There is no OM. That blob of consciousness floating around the universe has no direction and doesn’t care about any human. They want to believe they have some force to guide and protect them, but there isn’t. There is only chaos and uncertainty.

Queen Victim: Run, human, run. Go to your boyfriend and hide in his arms. Only he can give you happiness. Your mood depends on what he says and does. Go and tell him what he needs to say and do to make you feel good about yourself. Forget about your OM–my son is right, it doesn’t exist.

Nirvana: It does though. I have no doubt about that.

Queen Victim: Fine. If you want to delude yourself, go ahead. But if it exists, it’s too far, too busy, too perfect and happy to pay attention to someone so small and defective as you. But that human who loves you, now, he can save you. He will touch you and you will get a rush of hormones again. Some dopamine, some oxytocin, some serotonin, and endorphins. Go get your fix, and you’ll be fine.

Nirvana: But what if he leaves me? You said it yourself, I’m too defective and unremarkable. There are such beautiful girls everywhere I look. He says he likes me, but that couldn’t be true. It’s just not possible because there is too much to dislike about me.

Princess Hate: Yeah, you are fat! And your body is disproportionate. And you are young, but you are rapidly deteriorating – that’s just how life goes and there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing!

Nirvana: Goodness gracious, you are right! What if he leaves me for another girl–it would only make perfect sense, after all. They are so attractive. If only I could choose my form, I would definitely choose to look like them! Some say I’m pretty, but… it’s not enough. What if he leaves me because I’m not as pretty as I should be? How pretty should I be? What makes someone pretty? Oh, this is all so confusing… Well, I know my body isn’t pretty! That is a fact, isn’t it? I wish it weren’t but it is, damn it! What if he makes fun of me for my ugly body and dumps me like a candy wrapper in the first garbage can… And if he doesn’t like me, who will? And if no one likes me, how can I live among humans?

Princess Hate: You are right! You have to go to the gym more often, eat less, much less… Starve yourself, that’s what you have to do. Suffer for beauty–it’s the only way. There is no gain without pain. There is no happiness without compromise and sacrifice of pleasure. Find different clothes to wear, put on makeup–you must present yourself as perfect as you can be and trick men into liking you because if men don’t like you, then women won’t like you, then…you are all alone.

Queen Victim: There will be no one to give you a compliment, to smile at you, to caress you, and you will have no way at all to become happy. Those other people, only they can make you happy with their adoration. You can only see yourself in their eyes. The mirror lies when you see yourself pretty in it. It only tells the truth when you see yourself ugly. But people… ah, they can be duped to see beyond the truth of your ugliness. You can make them put on pink glasses and see you…

Nirvana: Pink?

Moment: Psst, the pink girl! Come here! Come out of Virusland already!

Nirvana was very near the edge of Virusland. She listened to the Viruses and these beliefs resonated as true in her mind, but not in her heart. She knew that the anxiety she was feeling meant these Concepts were just insane. As soon as she noticed Moment, she hopped onto the Bridge of Hope where the little boy was jumping up and down and vigorously waving at her.

Nirvana: Who are you?

Moment: I’m Moment. Mono sent me to tell you to come to the Kingdom of Now. That’s my kingdom. There is blue cake for you too, leftover from another birthday party.

Nirvana: Whose birthday was it?

Moment: A thousand children’s birthdays. Come, Mono’s here too.

Then Moment took Nirvana by the hand and ran with her to his magical kingdom. The three of us sat on his bench. We ate blue cake and looked at the Kingdom of Doom in the distance with its thick black fog and the stormy clouds sending thousands of lighting bolts down on its inhabitants.

Mono: Those bolts of lightning…they don’t hit the Viruses, do they?

Moment: No, just the humans who are stuck there.

Nirvana: Damn! I didn’t even realize there was a storm above my head when I was there.

Mono: Yeah, in Virusland, we are so blind. It’s dark in that sticky fog. So, what did you decide to do? Are you going to look for comfort in Akbar’s arms?

Nirvana: No, I’ll break up with him because I don’t want to become too dependent on his love.

Moment: You can’t break up with him though.

Nirvana: Why? Because I’m too in love? Pff! I control my emotions, little dude! I say who, when, and how much I will love. I can’t have my heart broken by another human, especially if he’s not a Supermind. Are you kidding? I can’t stand these dumb regular humans, how can I ever allow one of them to toy with my emotions? If I’m going to have my heart broken, I’ll do it myself! I’ll suffer for a bit but I’ll get over him… I’ve had so much emotional pain in this life, what’s a little…

Moment: Careful, Nirvana, you are slipping. You’ll fall off the bench, and the River of Evolution will take you to the other side, to Virusland again.

Nirvana: You are right. But I’m fine, really. I’m going to break up with him because I want to be free again. That’s it, I want freedom and nothing else. Fuck this Contrast, fuck the Viruses, let’s just enjoy our blue cake here and now. I love you guys!

Mono: Yeaah! Oh, and we have pink lemonade. But I have to warn you–Akbar is in the kitchen mixing it. Do you want some pink lemonade or are you going to be too proud and stubborn and refuse yourself this momentary pleasure?

Nirvana: What is he doing here? He has no right to be here!

Moment: I invited him. Just like I invited you. It took him a bit longer to come out of Virusland, but Hope said something to him, I didn’t hear what, and he came out of the fog.

Nirvana: Okay, I’ll break up with him a bit later… if he gets on my nerves again. Right now, I’ll try his stupid lemonade.

Mono: Trust me, it’s the best. Moment’s mother, Synchronicity is teaching him how to prepare it. So, basically, she’s making it. It’s her recipe and she puts some magical secret ingredients. I don’t know if we should even call it lemonade… When she made it for me the first time, it was blue. But now she said that the cake is blue so the lemonade should be another color. She asked us to choose and Moment said, pink! Pink lemonade it is, Synchronicity said and asked Akbar to go help her. I think she has something to show him, but that’s between them. This lemonade is divine, mmmm….

Nirvana: Oh, man, I have to go to work now. The Viruses are waiting for me there, too. Half of that restaurant is in Virusland. Those girls there…they are so mean to me. I wonder why, what is going on? Why am I attracting this? Girls have always been mean to me since I was a child… But I gotta go now. Can we talk another time?

Mono: Go! We’ll be here when you come back. Have fun at work, and pay attention to your manifestations. Don’t listen to the Viruses in your head, you’ve already seen them, you know who they are. Now you need the Law to put you in situations that will break them apart and give you ideas for antiviruses. So, look out for them in the external reality, in the situations, they’ll come through other people. Oh, and take your pink lemonade with you. It will give you strength. It will remind you of Synchronicity, and of Akbar who you love after all.

Nirvana: Sure. It’s really good, you’re right. Bye now. Moment, thanks for pulling me out, but I’m going back in! I’m a true warrior, you see.

Moment: The best! Have fun in the fight, Nirvana! We’re right here, on the bench, cheering for you. And even if they pulverize you out there on the Battlefield, we’ll come and pick you up, and we’ll put you back together. Nothing to fear, we have special glue for broken avatars.

Nirvana: Yeah, I know. See ya.

Myriam Zilles from Pixabay“>marigold; Tumisu from Pixabay“>mono background puzzle

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