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BoN Chapter 5: A Virus Fighter’s True and Only Satisfaction – Part 1 – Flipping Contrast

Nirvana is currently working at a small restaurant. For the last three days, she’s been in a constant battle with a bunch of different Viruses.

They claim that working at this or any other restaurant, for that matter, is a total waste of time and her creative resources.

Even though she understands that this job was offered to her by the One Law for a reason… well, she’s mostly frustrated that she can’t see that reason – how this experience ties in with her Intentions, the evolution of her mind, and the unfolding of her Game.

So we had a short conversation, and I did my best to shed some light and suggest a strategy from where I stand at this point in my W.A.V. Game.

Here is a glimpse into our group chat which any true Virus Fighter can join.
We talk about how to “flip” the Contrast, i.e. to find your desires and forge the pieces of the perspective you want to build in your mind; How to build bridges and ladders to climb out of Virusland; How to find the hidden doors in the vicious cycles, etc.

So, in the first half of our conversation, my idea is to find out what she REALLY WANTS based on what SHE DOESN’T WANT and figure out how to do that in every single and specific situation.

Continued in BoN Chapter 5: A Virus Fighter’s True and Only Satisfaction – Part 2 – The Spirit of Water.

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