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BoN Chapter 3: SMCo. Healing Ceremony # 0

Resonant Wind

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We have been preparing for our first Healing Meditation [SMCo. HM#0]
Healing Mono’s father from cancer.
Since 7 Moon of the Night Wave – Kin189 of Tz1, we’ve been preparing.

Lots of Contrast, battles with Viruses and between Viruses over the last two weeks.
Has it been almost a full Wave already?
Lots of questions came to the surface, lots of Viruses came out into the clear.

We’re ready for our first test as Wizards.

Nirvana and Akbar will eat magic mushrooms for the first time. 🙂
I’ll smoke a little bit of weed to make sure I’m fully connected.
That’s the plan for now.

*** *** ***

We’ll do the healing @3 pm NY Eastern Time ( 10 pm for Mono in Bulgaria).

To this playlist:

1. Gospodi Vozvah
2. Saruiar
3. Tsaria Frujina
4. Kosti
5. Vyvedenie

MESSAGE from Mono to Nirvana & Akbar in our group Messenger chat:

Mono Wind

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